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-- john grantner

Sanford & Son dubbed in Italian: an improvement of the original.

Technology that learns—that, without human imput, collects, collates, analyzes data and then figures out how to perform tasks—exists today. Machines can now think and create, even if they don’t (yet) have personalities.

Bots can now perform many human tasks (not just physical labor, by the way) faster, more efficiently and cheaper than humans can. And the technology is improving. Capitalism’s oligarchy will not—nor, logically, can they—stop following this trend. Less labor+lower production costs=more money for the chief executives and stockholders.

But with both blue collar and white collar workers becoming increasing unemployed and unemployable, who will pay for the machines? With increasingly fewer people earning salaries (and those who do in constant fear of unemployment) who will be able to afford to buy what the machines produce?

Anybody who works for a major corporation knows that the higher executives never look beyond the next quarterly report. So nobody in charge is going to say, hey wait a minute…let’s think this over.

With the technological trend going the way its—and fast!—Capitalism is on course to implode. Many-a comrade will celebrate this (indeed, I won’t mourn the loss) however it’s likely to mean an extended period of chaos and violence before we settle into a new economic model. Best to come up with a new model now. Hmm…since the people who call themselves smarter than us aren’t very good at thinking, maybe we should have a machine do it.

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Neil Young, Willie Nelson & Crazy Horse; “All Along The Watchtower”. 

Farm Aid, 1994

nature abides

nature abides